5 Reasons why you should watch Manchester United games

When we talk about the English Premier League there are a few teams which stand head and shoulders above the other teams in the table. Manchester United is one such team which has a huge following and a very enviable track record in the EPS in spite of tough competition. Whether you are a fan of Manchester United or not, there are quite a few obvious reasons as to why you should try and watch as many games of this team as possible. Here are five obvious reasons as to why it makes sense to watch the matches of this famous English football team.

1. One Of The Most Balanced Teams

There is no doubt that Manchester United is one of the most balanced team in the English Premier League. Whether it is about mid-field possession, attack and defense there is no denying the fact that they are extremely well balanced. This fact is borne out of the fact that they have won three out of three and have conceded zero goals. Therefore if you want sheer football magic at play you certainly should watch the matches where Manchester United is a part.

2. The Presence Of Paul Pogba

If you wish to watch the sheer magic of Paul Pogba whether it is in the midfield or in the attack, you must watch the matches of Manchester United where he is a part. You will certainly find in him a great player who can control the midfield and also double up as a ferocious attacker.

3. The World Of Eric Bailly And Phil Jones

Statistics has proven time and again that the combination of Eril Bailly and Phil Jones could be the best defense pairing amongst all English Premier League team. This is borne out by the fact that the team has not conceded a single goal in the last three games all which they have won. The credit should certainly go the pair of Eric and Phil.

4. They Have Early Momentum Going In Their Favor

If you are a diehard Manchester United fan you would like to see them performing at their best. As of now they seem to be at their sublime best and have been able to generate a positive momentum which is going in their favor. Hence, this is the right time for you to be at the stadium and watch your favorite team perform at its best.

5. The Sheer Atmosphere Is Stunning

Finally the atmosphere that is associated with any Manchester United game is something that you can best experience by being a part of it. As you wave the Club flag and see your favorites in action, it certainly sets your adrenaline racing.