7 reasons why you should move to Ireland

Thinking about a nice, peaceful place where you’ll be spending most of your time hiking, cycling, or flying around the beautiful scenery? If you do, you’re craving for Ireland, a land full of mystery. The most unusual weather conditions have made this country a great place to be, especially during sweltering continental summers.

If you’re still not sure about moving to Ireland for the long term, read these seven reasons that will help you to make a decision.

#1 Quick getaway weekends

No need to plan a weekend for more than a couple of minutes. If you choose to move to Ireland, you’ll have the top getaway destinations at the top of your palm. Since it’s a relatively small country, all the main cities are very close to the coastline or some other amazing piece of nature.

#2 Organic to the core

Ireland takes much pride in their food production. According to the latest research results, Ireland’s climate and greenery have a positive effect on the food, making it taste better. Fresh grass and nurtured soil are the reason for that distinctive flavor of any meat or dairy product you can eat in Ireland.life in ireland

#3 A great place to do a business

Have you ever wondered why some of the leading companies have their headquarters in Ireland? It’s because of an extremely low taxes for opening and running a business in the first couple of years. If you’re thinking about running your own company in Ireland, you should do so, because there’s no other place where you can run your business and not bother with administration, rules, and taxes.

#4 Living in paradise, every day

Ireland is famous for its picturesque scenery, which entails mountain views, cliffs, steep roads, wild forests, and vast greenery. Can you imagine living in such a place every day?


#5 Safe from natural disasters

Although it’s an island located in the Atlantic Ocean, Ireland rarely suffers from natural disasters like earthquakes. The last one occurred about four years ago, and no sign it will appear anytime in the future.

#6 Amazing people

Irish people are energetic, amiable and fun. They have that unique sense of humor, which makes them great hosts and friends. They enjoy meeting new people, so you won’t have any trouble to fit in.moving to ireland

#7 Vivid cultural life

Music festivals, carnivals, open theater – you name it, Ireland covers all. With rich cultural life, you won’t lack excitement, especially in some cold winter days.