Have fun in Ireland with these things to do

activities in irelandIreland is a great country for a summer visit if you’re looking something beyond usual sightseeing and hiking tours. With its amazing greenery, cliffs, and historical places, Ireland is without a doubt one of the most appealing European tourist attractions.

What can you do in Ireland

There’re so many different types of activities you can try while you’re in Ireland it’s hard to pick just one. It’s a place that offers something for everyone’s pocket, and here’s a list of things that give the best ROI on the fun!

#1 Loughcrew Adventure Centre

A good fun activity for adrenaline junkies and climbers. It’s a challenging event, but the effort is worth it. The instructors will motivate you to find your inner strength as you overcome different sets of obstacles in the terrain.

#2 Slieve League Cliffs

A great place for hikers to start off their Ireland adventure. Slieve League Cliffs offers the most beautiful scenery with the full view of both mountains and the sea. And the view from the height is just breathtaking! Take your time on this tour, and you’ll get the most out of it.

#3 Sky Road

One of those activities that will never fail to disappoint you, no matter how many times you go. The narrow road gives you the excitement while you’re enjoying dark green landscapes and mountain sides. Don’t rush with the tour. The height may be an obstacle, but you should make it a challenge.

#4 Eagles Flying

If you’re in a Sligo area, you have to stop by for eagles flying tour. It’s a memorable experience with the most amazing birds on the planet. The show you’ll see on this tour is worth the time, and the petting zoo afterwards is a great treat for both kids and parents.

#5 St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Get a break from hiking, jumping, and running and take your time to visit the most wonderful cathedral in Europe. St. Patrick’s Cathedral is something that stands out by its monumental architecture and gorgeous interior. As you walk in the cathedral, you’ll have the feeling that time has stopped.st patricks cathedral in ireland

#6 Fota Wildlife Park

It’s not a typical zoo experience. Fota Wildlife Park gives you the insight in animals’ natural habitat, retaining the similar organic lifestyle they have in wildness. You won’t be disappointed if you take your time and visit this place – and it’s a great option for a family trip.