Ireland Tradition – Why City Hall Weddings are so Popular?

Every year thousands of international couples travel to Ireland to organize their wedding in a unique way. This may appear to be strange but it is a truth as there are multiple wedding traditions in Ireland that make it the most amazing place for getting married. The wedding ceremonies conducted in Ireland are special and memorable as there are plenty of strange that you’ll get to experience there.

One of the great things about Irish weddings is that they have awesome wedding traditions that are rarely found in any other country. There is a tradition known as handfasting where they tie the wrists of couples with a ribbon which works as a symbol of the couple joining together. Another popular tradition of Irish weddings is that the wedding ceremonies in Ireland are organized in City Hall.

That’s why getting married in Ireland is really awesome. Today, we’re going to talk about why city halls wedding ceremonies are most popular in Ireland. Let’s take a look at why a city hall wedding ceremony is more appealing in Ireland.

Incredible looks

There are many incredible features found in the city halls that make them the most valuable place for getting married. City hall wedding ceremony will bring an incredible look to your wedding. The environment of the city halls is extremely beautiful that it makes the couple appear like the duke and duchess.

The images captured in this beautiful environment are awesome. It makes you feel happy and proud whenever you take a look at the amazing photos captured in such a beautiful environment.

Great gatherings

City halls are very large in size and you can invite as many guests as you want. If you have lots of friends, then you must organize your wedding in Ireland as you’ll get the chance to invite all your friends to the wedding. These huge buildings allow you make all the arrangements in a great way. All your guests will appreciate the efforts you’ll make to apply different changes.

We recommend that you hire a wedding planner if you don’t have any idea that what kind of sitting arrangement will be suitable to the environment of the hall.

Luxurious Style

If you want to arrange your wedding in a luxurious way, the city halls of Ireland are the best option for you. The city halls in Ireland are designed with the most expensive material and the equipment they have used inside and outside the building is excellent for a luxurious wedding ceremony. The walls of the halls are designed with particular patterns that bring a posh look to your wedding.


The floors of the halls are also designed with the most expensive material which adds a staggering look to the wedding. That’s the reason why City hall weddings in Ireland are very popular and you should also organize your wedding in Ireland if you can afford.