Recap of my Trip to Disney World in Orlando Including a Limo Ride!

I had a dream of visiting Disney Land since my childhood but I couldn’t fulfill the dream due to some reasons. However, a few weeks ago my son told me that he also has the dream of visiting this incredible place. So, I became very excited and decided to book a tour to Disney Land. I had never been to Disney Land, therefore, I was worried about the things that I was going to do there.

So, I started searching on the internet to find some crazy ideas but I couldn’t find enough information. So, I decided to hire a professional guide for this purpose so that he can take us to the places that are worth visiting. Fortunately, we found the guide at a very reasonable price. We started our journey on Friday as the guide told us to do so.

So, we reached the chamber of commerce building after a very long journey. The authorities gave us the pins with our names on them. We chose our lunch from the menus and they also served us the coffee and water. There were many delicious items on the menu such as Apple Cheddar Salad, Turkey Sandwich, Roast Beef Sandwich. We also selected bottled soda and cookies for the dessert.

First of all, we went to Buena Vista Street. The guide gave us a brief introduction of the names that appeared on the buildings there. Oh, I forgot to mention that we hired the Orlando limo service for this purpose because we wanted to enjoy a luxurious ride while we were at Disney. However, after visiting Buena Vista Street, we went to Club 1901 at Carthay Circle Restaurant.

It was a very beautiful place but you should keep in mind that you cannot capture any photographs there as it is against the rules. However, if you’re expert in capturing photographs, you can click some photographs secretly. But if the authorities came to know about it, they would not only kick you out of the location but you’d be heavily fined for breaking the rules. So, you better avoid committing such mistakes.

Then we went to the Condor Flats to learn some part of the history. I don’t know whether kids would love going to such places or not but I enjoyed there a lot. They have designed this area in such a way that it looks like Edwards Air Force Base.

Then we went to the Paradise Pier. This area is also very popular due to the history of animation. If you’re a 90s kid, I guarantee you that you are going to enjoy a lot in this section as you’d see many cartoon characters here that you loved to see in your childhood. Click Here and find more information about the tour of Disney Land.