That’s right – an increasing number of Sligo residents are installing dashcams in their cars, lowering their insurance premiums and increasing the security of their car.


A dash cam is a camera that is recording everything that takes place when you are driving your vehicle, and is placed on your windscreen or dash. More sophisticated variants of the cameras also record back views (out of your rear window); some are equipped with infrared lighten to increase recording quality in the dark. The camera begins recording when the car engine starts and automatically switches on. It saves all video information to your memory card.

This new(ish!) technology  should interest almost all motorists. It’s now a widely used technology in a number of states where injury and insurance fraud is particularly apparent (e.g. Russia, China).


Would we advise you to have a dashcam type device fitted in your car? We’d say definitely! The camera is an “always there” witness and can “talk” for you should something occur. It could be damage to your car when you were parked up / not in the car, or it could be a crash for cash scam, whichever it is, a dashboard mounted camera will capture the evidence you need to deal with the situation.

You’ll find two organizations that will likely gain the most from this type of device being utilized by consumers: law enforcement and insurance companies. That is basically because a dashboard cam can significantly contribute to the resolution of claims and traffic accidents.

Police cars are equipped with this particular technology to record the road ahead and behind so that they can have evidence should a case end up in court.

The situation with insurance companies is somewhat different, some companies will actually give you a not insignificant discount on your premium if you have a dashcam fitted – this is because it makes it easier for them to defend against fraudulent claims, which in turn saves the insurance company money.


Is there any future in dash cameras? Absolutely! As dashcams grow in popularity, so will the benefits. More and more insurance companies are jumping on the bandwagon and providing a discount for dashcam users, if the effect of dashcams on the number of insurance claims is positive, then reductions may increase from the current 10 – 15% to even more.

What’s more, most dashcams will work when your car is parked up, so if someone crashes into your stationery vehicle, or someone vandalises your car, you will have video footage as evidence to locate the culprit.


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SLIGO 2-5-2010.
The Ben Bulben Mountain Range provide the backdrop for Sligo Racecourse.

Sligo Racecourse has been earmarked to receive €1.9m worth of redevelopment.

Plans are said to include a new hospitality building, with 2 storeys, overlooking the racetrack itself, providing room for a ground floor restaurant open to the public, with the first floor including an extensive viewing area and other hospitality facilities, this phase is expected to being some time in 2018.

Whilst plans are ongoing for the new hospitality building, work will commence on increasing the current grandstand capacity by around 40%, and will begin early next year.

The plans include refurbishment of the current bar and restaurant, a childrens play area, a new podium and improved weigh area, a new entrance building with toilets and turnstiles will also be constructed, with glass canopies providing shelter from the elements.

Sligo racecourse has grown in popularity over the past few years, and it sounds like these new developments will increase attendances even further.



Gardai have been lobbying for several years to have a new location for the station, and it looks like their request will now be granted.

The current station on Pearce road is somewhat cramped, with narrow corridors, a shortage of cells and a small reception area, but it seems this will soon change.

No location has been set in stone, although it is understood that the new station will be located on the outskirts of the city, and will be funded, at least in part by a multi million euro building and refurbishment program.

It is understood that it is likely to take around 4 years for work to be completed.

Deputy John Perry is happy with the announcement, and has said that this is excellent for the community, and proof that the government is commited to supporting Gardaí in their work.

He went on to say the investment will benefit the community as a whole, providing a much more suitable space for members of the public to attend to report crimes, have passports stamped, or receive other support.


Sligo Rovers have confirmed that they are now looking for a new manager to replace Micky Adams who has ended his short period at the club to return to England, due to unforeseen family reasons.

Micky Adams came to the club in the summer with one task – to avoid relegation, and he achieved his goal before leaving, managing to grasp 15 points from 11 games, keeping the side up.

“I’m delighted we achieved that,” said Adams (talking about securing a place outside of relegation) “I hope I brought a professional approach to the club from my time here. I have had to make a very difficult decision. It is never an easy decision to put yourself out of work but I have to put my family first.”

“I want to thank the people of Sligo and the committee for the wonderful welcome we (Adams and assistant Alan Rogers) received during our time here.”

“I also want to express my gratitude to the players for their hard work and the staff as well. I wish everyone at Sligo Rovers the very best for the future.”

The Sligo Rovers management committee have released the following statement;

“The club wish to thank Micky and Alan for the tremendous job they did in their time at The Showgrounds.

“The professionalism and dedication Micky brought to the job lifted the club and guided the club away from a perilous position and for that we are very grateful.

“The process of appointing a new manager begins immediately with the club’s board due to meet this evening to discuss plans for 2016.”


The Clarion Hotel in Sligo, perhaps one of Ireland’s most distinctive hotels, is up for sale for the bargain price of €7m – a massive loss on the amount spent converting what was once a mental hospital.

Savills are the agents selling the 4 star, 162 bedroom hotel, on behalf of receivers Crowe Howarth.

Since opening, Clarion Hotel has become a major success, with several restaurants on-site, as well as several churches, and a main reception area which can seat 350 guests, making this a very popular wedding venue.

The hotel boasts an excellent fitness club with around 800 members who make use of their fully equipped gym, heated indoor swimming pool, sauna and spa.

Head of hotels and leisure at Savills,  Tom Barrett, described the Clarion as “one of the largest and most profitable hotels in the northwest of Ireland”. He said a new owner would not be tied down by the current management agreement. The beautiful building dates from 1847 and was originally known as St Columba’s Lunatic Asylum. It took six years to build at an overall cost of around €54,000.

free tv-streaming-service

An increasing number of Sligo residents are cancelling their monthly cable or sky subscriptions in favour of the increasingly popular Android TV Streaming Box

Android TV Boxes are becoming widely used across Ireland, and in fact the rest of the world as a whole, due to their diverse nature.

They can turn your TV into a featured filled smart TV, meaning you don’t have to purchase a new expensive TV to get the latest technology.

With applications such as Amazon TV and Netflix becoming more and more common, it’s only a matter of time before everyone has one of these boxes, the residents of Sligo are jumping on the wagon early, ensuring they can watch all the sports, live TV, box sets and movies they want.

These Amazing Android TV Boxes generally come with Kodi or XBMC installed, and that opens the user up to a world of content, worldwide live TV channels from everywhere in the world, from America to Ireland, and England to the Middle East, channels are available for every country you could think of.

We’ve had reports of users taking their boxes on holiday to watch movies and TV shows, as there is no need for a dish or aerial, just a stable internet connection and a TV.

Android TV boxes appear to be the way forward – it certainly looks like the future could be a lot less expensive, these boxes have a one of cost, usually around the same as a single months cable subscription, so we can certainly see why these units are taking Sligo by storm.

One resident was quotes as saying “I cancelled my TV package as we couldn’t afford the monthly outgoings, but the kids missed the selection of shows available, I was talking to a friend about this and they recommended an Android TV box, I had never heard of them before so popped round to theirs for a cuppa and a look, I was amazed at what they could view, and it cost them nothing per month, we ordered one the next day and we’ve never looked back!”