Ireland Tradition – Why City Hall Weddings are so Popular?

Every year thousands of international couples travel to Ireland to organize their wedding in a unique way. This may appear to be strange but it is a truth as there are multiple wedding traditions in Ireland that make it the most amazing place for getting married. The wedding ceremonies conducted in Ireland are special and memorable as there are plenty of strange that you’ll get to experience there.

One of the great things about Irish weddings is that they have awesome wedding traditions that are rarely found in any other country. There is a tradition known as handfasting where they tie the wrists of couples with a ribbon which works as a symbol of the couple joining together. Another popular tradition of Irish weddings is that the wedding ceremonies in Ireland are organized in City Hall.

That’s why getting married in Ireland is really awesome. Today, we’re going to talk about why city halls wedding ceremonies are most popular in Ireland. Let’s take a look at why a city hall wedding ceremony is more appealing in Ireland.

Incredible looks

There are many incredible features found in the city halls that make them the most valuable place for getting married. City hall wedding ceremony will bring an incredible look to your wedding. The environment of the city halls is extremely beautiful that it makes the couple appear like the duke and duchess.

The images captured in this beautiful environment are awesome. It makes you feel happy and proud whenever you take a look at the amazing photos captured in such a beautiful environment.

Great gatherings

City halls are very large in size and you can invite as many guests as you want. If you have lots of friends, then you must organize your wedding in Ireland as you’ll get the chance to invite all your friends to the wedding. These huge buildings allow you make all the arrangements in a great way. All your guests will appreciate the efforts you’ll make to apply different changes.

We recommend that you hire a wedding planner if you don’t have any idea that what kind of sitting arrangement will be suitable to the environment of the hall.

Luxurious Style

If you want to arrange your wedding in a luxurious way, the city halls of Ireland are the best option for you. The city halls in Ireland are designed with the most expensive material and the equipment they have used inside and outside the building is excellent for a luxurious wedding ceremony. The walls of the halls are designed with particular patterns that bring a posh look to your wedding.


The floors of the halls are also designed with the most expensive material which adds a staggering look to the wedding. That’s the reason why City hall weddings in Ireland are very popular and you should also organize your wedding in Ireland if you can afford.

From Ireland to Singapore: Recap of my trip abroad

My suggestion to those who want to go to an amazing tour in their life is that they should go to Singapore as Singapore is one of the most beautiful tourist spots in the world. It’s not just based on some knowledge and tips from others but I experienced it myself and I enjoyed it a lot.

A few months ago I was looking to go to a peaceful and beautiful spot for my vacation. And I wasn’t able to decide that what country is going to be the best option for me because there are lots of options available in front of me and I didn’t have any idea of what place is most peaceful and beautiful when compared to others.

I posted a query on a tourist forum and found several interesting suggestions. One destination was common in most of the suggestions and that destination was Singapore. So, I decided to take a tour to Singapore and it was really worth it. I found so many interesting places and met different people.

This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life; therefore, I have decided to share my experience with you.


The query I posted on the tourist forum helped me find a lot of information about Singapore so it became easier for me to travel around. Some people suggested me to book a hotel for my stay before booking the plane ticket. So, I did the same and found excellent quality hotels on the internet.

I chose one of them according to my requirement and booked the room. After reaching the Singapore airport I took a cab and went straight to the hotel. That was the only time when I used the cab in Singapore because after that I only traveled by bus because someone told me that bus travels are very affordable in Singapore.

I purchased a 新加坡巴士票 from a reliable bus service for the entire tour and traveled around the country without having to worry about the transport.


There are lots of places in Singapore where you can go to take a deeper look at the beauty of nature and you’ll definitely love visiting this country if you’re a nature lover. There are so many beautiful spots that you’ll love taking a lot of photographs there.


You’re going to enjoy the amazing food in Singapore. There are so many delicacies available in the Singapore that sometimes, it will get difficult for you to choose between them. I enjoyed the food there a lot.

I was first trying to search for some Irish restaurant there as I didn’t have enough knowledge about the native food but then, someone offered me to try some native dishes and I found them so tasty that after that I didn’t even think of Irish food there.

I still love taking a look at the days I spent in Singapore.

Picturesque places in Ireland for the travelling photographer

Being a photographer is just not about capturing photos but it’s more about capturing the natural moments and beauty of the world. It’s about mesmerizing the audience with the great work and let them enjoy the beauty of nature.

The photographer needs to travel constantly and if you are going to the Ireland, then we are telling you about the places you would love to visit. You are going to capture great photographs at these places in Ireland.


If you will take a closer look at the picture of this location, you may feel like it’s not a real location but someone has painted the trees on the canvas. In reality, this is a real location in Ireland and definitely, it’s a place where you would love to capture the beauty of nature.

This road has become famous due to the popular TV show “The Game of Thrones” and you are going to love it for sure. This road is quite old and people like to visit the place just to capture the photographs of this unique place.


The lake situated inside this park is enough to conquer your heart. If you are going there during the sunset, you’ll be able to see the real beauty of nature there.

You’ll be able to capture some amazing shots here and it’ll help boost your photographic career if you consider adding those photos to your portfolio. Visiting this place will help you stay calm and comfortable.


The rock formation at this place is one of the most beautiful things. This place is a peaceful spot for your mind. It was built by the local giant known as Finn Mccool after a fight with the giant Scottish.


This place is known as one of the most beautiful places in the world and you’ll be able to see the tallest cliffs of the Europe in this place. You can see the high tides from these cliffs and it may feel like they are radiating the light.

If you are standing on one of the cliffs, you’ll definitely grab the camera out of your bag and start capturing amazing photos. You can also use photo light box to add a professional look to your clicks.


From here you can have all the feels. The feel of weather, feel of greenery, feel of flowers and feelings of love. The location and environment of the place are going to make you fall in love and you’ll definitely want to visit this place as many times as you can.

7 reasons why you should move to Ireland

Thinking about a nice, peaceful place where you’ll be spending most of your time hiking, cycling, or flying around the beautiful scenery? If you do, you’re craving for Ireland, a land full of mystery. The most unusual weather conditions have made this country a great place to be, especially during sweltering continental summers.

If you’re still not sure about moving to Ireland for the long term, read these seven reasons that will help you to make a decision.

#1 Quick getaway weekends

No need to plan a weekend for more than a couple of minutes. If you choose to move to Ireland, you’ll have the top getaway destinations at the top of your palm. Since it’s a relatively small country, all the main cities are very close to the coastline or some other amazing piece of nature.

#2 Organic to the core

Ireland takes much pride in their food production. According to the latest research results, Ireland’s climate and greenery have a positive effect on the food, making it taste better. Fresh grass and nurtured soil are the reason for that distinctive flavor of any meat or dairy product you can eat in in ireland

#3 A great place to do a business

Have you ever wondered why some of the leading companies have their headquarters in Ireland? It’s because of an extremely low taxes for opening and running a business in the first couple of years. If you’re thinking about running your own company in Ireland, you should do so, because there’s no other place where you can run your business and not bother with administration, rules, and taxes.

#4 Living in paradise, every day

Ireland is famous for its picturesque scenery, which entails mountain views, cliffs, steep roads, wild forests, and vast greenery. Can you imagine living in such a place every day?


#5 Safe from natural disasters

Although it’s an island located in the Atlantic Ocean, Ireland rarely suffers from natural disasters like earthquakes. The last one occurred about four years ago, and no sign it will appear anytime in the future.

#6 Amazing people

Irish people are energetic, amiable and fun. They have that unique sense of humor, which makes them great hosts and friends. They enjoy meeting new people, so you won’t have any trouble to fit in.moving to ireland

#7 Vivid cultural life

Music festivals, carnivals, open theater – you name it, Ireland covers all. With rich cultural life, you won’t lack excitement, especially in some cold winter days.

Have fun in Ireland with these things to do

activities in irelandIreland is a great country for a summer visit if you’re looking something beyond usual sightseeing and hiking tours. With its amazing greenery, cliffs, and historical places, Ireland is without a doubt one of the most appealing European tourist attractions.

What can you do in Ireland

There’re so many different types of activities you can try while you’re in Ireland it’s hard to pick just one. It’s a place that offers something for everyone’s pocket, and here’s a list of things that give the best ROI on the fun!

#1 Loughcrew Adventure Centre

A good fun activity for adrenaline junkies and climbers. It’s a challenging event, but the effort is worth it. The instructors will motivate you to find your inner strength as you overcome different sets of obstacles in the terrain.

#2 Slieve League Cliffs

A great place for hikers to start off their Ireland adventure. Slieve League Cliffs offers the most beautiful scenery with the full view of both mountains and the sea. And the view from the height is just breathtaking! Take your time on this tour, and you’ll get the most out of it.

#3 Sky Road

One of those activities that will never fail to disappoint you, no matter how many times you go. The narrow road gives you the excitement while you’re enjoying dark green landscapes and mountain sides. Don’t rush with the tour. The height may be an obstacle, but you should make it a challenge.

#4 Eagles Flying

If you’re in a Sligo area, you have to stop by for eagles flying tour. It’s a memorable experience with the most amazing birds on the planet. The show you’ll see on this tour is worth the time, and the petting zoo afterwards is a great treat for both kids and parents.

#5 St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Get a break from hiking, jumping, and running and take your time to visit the most wonderful cathedral in Europe. St. Patrick’s Cathedral is something that stands out by its monumental architecture and gorgeous interior. As you walk in the cathedral, you’ll have the feeling that time has patricks cathedral in ireland

#6 Fota Wildlife Park

It’s not a typical zoo experience. Fota Wildlife Park gives you the insight in animals’ natural habitat, retaining the similar organic lifestyle they have in wildness. You won’t be disappointed if you take your time and visit this place – and it’s a great option for a family trip.